LA MANCHE construction technologies
The exterior architecture of the building, its unique style fits harmoniously into historic development of Podil.
Technical characteristics of the house
  • Number of floors – 9
  • The first floor – commercial premises
  • Foundation – reinforced concrete frame
  • External walls – ceramic bricks (250 mm thick) with mineral wool heat insulator (150 mm thick)
  • Faсade:
    • basic - 1 and 2 floors – decorated with granite. Large first floor windows and Palladian arch windows on the second floor create a solemn mood
    • Main part – from the 3rd to 8th It is topped with a powerful ledge and an attic. The suspended façade of the main part will be decorated with fibrous concrete, artificial stones in calm pastel colours.
    • The top part – 9th It imitates the cambered ceiling of historical buildings, covered with copper, patinated roofing tile
  • Inter-flat walls – ceramic bricks (250 mm thick)
  • Inter-room walls – ceramic bricks (120 mm thick)
  • Floor height – 3.3 m; net – 3.0 m
Finishing of common areas
  • Walls – painting with water-based paints
  • Walls of the floor halls – porcelain stoneware
  • Floor in the halls and stair flights – ceramic tiles
  • Ceiling – suspension system
  • Doors – according to fire safety requirements
Apartment renovation
  • CLAP smart home system
  • Entrance door – metal, shockproof, fireproof, locks with increased levels secrecy
  • Internal doors to the apartments – installation not provided for
  • Windows and balcony doors – reinforced plastic with triple-pane glass. «REHAU» profile, 7 chambers, 72 mm thick
  • Apartment floor (but for bathroom facilities) – sound absorption and underlayment ready for finishing
  • Bathroom facilities – no finishing, floor waterproofing
Engineering equipment
  • Elevators - Schindler
  • Heat supply – from rooftop boiler-houses. Gas boilers “Vissmann”
  • heating devices - steel radiators
  • Wiring system - copper wire
  • Apartment counters - electric meter, hot and cold-water meters
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  • Outdoor lighting (light fixtures on the supporting structures)
  • Passways made of pavestone and сlinker
  • Gardening of the territory
  • Small architectural forms (according to the design)