LA MANCHE construction technologies
The exterior architecture of the building, its unique style fits harmoniously into historic development of Podil.
Technical characteristics of the house
  • Number of floors - 9;
  • Number of apartments on the floor - from 3 to 6;
  • Number of apartments on the floor - from 3 to 6;
  • Foundation - monolithic reinforced concrete frame;
    It provides maximum strength and durability of buildings, up to 150 years..
    Technology provides ample opportunity for the construction of structures of any architectural form with the possibility of free layout of apartments.
  • Exterior walls - ceramic brick 250 mm thick;
    The material is made only of natural, environmentally friendly components. Its composition includes clay, which is added sand and water. As a result, the brick "breathes", has good sound insulation, frost-resistant and fireproof.
  • Heat insulation - mineral wool 150 mm thick.
    The main advantages of building insulation are the minimization of heat losses. For our region, the recommended material thickness of 120 to 140 mm - used in the project 150 mm is sufficient for good thermal insulation throughout the house.
  • Facade:
  • Base - 1st and 2nd floors are finished with granite. It is a durable stone that is not contaminated and resistant to temperature fluctuations.
  • The clubhouse is adorned with large first floor windows and Palladian arched second floor windows.
  • Main part - from 3 to 8 floors. It is crowned with a powerful eaves and attic. The hinged facade of the main part will be decorated with fiber concrete - an artificial stone of calm pastel shades;
  • Upper - 9th floor. It mimics the roof-arch of historic buildings, covered with copper, patinated tiles;
  • Interroom walls - 250 mm thick ceramic brick;
  • Interior walls - ceramic brick 120 mm thick;
  • Floor height - 3.3 m; in purity 3.0 m
Finishing of common areas
  • Walls - painting with water-based paints
  • Main advantages:
  • paints are harmless and safe for the environment and human health;
  • do not have a specific smell.
  • Walls of floor halls - granite;
  • The texture of porcelain stoneware can be very diverse - it can be a visual transfer of texture from wood to stone. Facing will last for many years, without changing its appearance.
  • The floor of the halls and staircases - ceramic tiles, which has several advantages over other materials:
  • does not burn;
  • safe for health;
  • hygienic and easy to care for;
  • does not fade and does not fade;
  • wearproof;
  • not sensitive to spots;
  • possesses high resistance to scratches and cracks.
  • Ceiling - suspension system;
  • False ceiling is a surface with wide possibilities for decoration.
  • Doors - meet fire safety requirements.
Apartment renovation
  • Entrance doors - metal;
  • Metal entrance door blocks - this is the maximum level of protection against burglary, harmoniously combined with a spectacular appearance and an exclusive design.
  • Internal doors in apartments - installation is not provided;
  • Windows and balcony doors - metal-plastic with double-glazed windows. REHAU profile, 7 chamber, 72 mm thick;
  • REHAU profile is an environmentally friendly product that complies with all European quality standards.
  • Floor in the apartment (except for bathrooms) - sand-cement screed;
  • Bathrooms - without decoration, with waterproofing the floor;
  • Waterproofing avoids mold and mildew and prevents the possibility of accidental flooding of neighbors in the apartment below.
Engineering equipment
  • Elevators - Schindler (Switzerland);
    Schindler is a prestige and exclusive in the world of elevators. For over 150 years, the Swiss company has been developing and manufacturing elevators. Schindler is a traditional Swiss performance precision, perfect quality and maximum reliability. All lifts are manufactured in accordance with international standards and regulations.
  • Heating - from the roof boiler. Viessmann gas boilers (Germany);
    Gas boilers «Viessmann» significantly save energy. The new generation controller is equipped with a diagnostic system and the ability to adjust depending on the room temperature. The flow-through heat exchanger provides instant supply of hot water of uniform temperature.
  • Heating devices - steel radiators;
  • high heat transfer, allowing to save energy resources as much as possible;
  • low thermal inertness. Steel radiators warm up quickly and begin to give off their heat in a very short period of time;
  • a variety of models allows you to choose the best options that can satisfy individual requirements and taste preferences.
  • Electrical wiring - copper wire;
    Copper wiring is resistant to bending, does not break off, during prolonged use it has better electrical conductivity.
  • Room meters - electric meter, hot and cold water meters;
    With the help of apartment meters, residents will be able to regulate the temperature in their apartments, save heat and pay exclusively on their own meter.
  • Apartments are equipped with the CLAP smart home system;
  • The first smart home system created in Ukraine that comprehensively provides comfort, safety and energy saving.
    Saves up to 40% on utility bills, monitors comfortable room temperature and housing safety.
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  • Outdoor lighting (lamps on poles using LED technology);
    LED lights are a good example of eco-design. Compact, made using energy-efficient LED technology. Thanks to the latest LED solutions, the luminaire can achieve up to 75% energy savings.
  • Passages from paving stones and clinker;
    Clinker pavers are one of the most durable road materials. It is characterized by high compressive strength, very high resistance to temperature changes and a long service life of about 100-150 years.
  • Landscaping:
  • We involve only experienced companies in this type of work. For the club house, experts prepared a landscape project, the idea of ​​which is to create the most comfortable space in the yard with its own square and recreation areas.
  • Small architectural forms (according to the project):
  • Examples of world park art served as a model for decorating the courtyard. Residents will enjoy cozy walking alleys and gazebos. There are also planned playgrounds and sports fields for mini-golf and croquet.