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Construction progress as of 30 September 2021


La Manche club residence construction information.

Section 1 - The 8th-floor concreting works have been almost completed.

Section 2 - The installation of the vertical constructions on the 8th floor is 100% complete.

Section 3 - The 8th-floor vertical constructions reinforcement is underway.

Section 4 - Concrete works on the floor slab panel above the 7th floor have been completed. The vertical constructions reinforcement is in progress.

Section 5 - All floors glazing on is 50% complete, the brickwork has been almost completed.

Section 6 - Engineering networks installation and works on future apartments insulation are now underway.

Section 7 - Facade arrangement is at the final stage, the application of floor cement screed has been completed. Elevator equipment installation is in progress.