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Construction diary La Manche от 02.07.2021


Construction progress of the club house LA MANCHE.

In sections 1 and 2 - the floor slab above the 4th floor is 100% ready.

In section 3 - we carry out the reinforcement of the floor slab on the 4th floor.

In section 4 - the vertical elements of the 4th floor were concreted by 85%.

In sections 5 and 6, the brickwork of the 6th floor was completed. Laying of the 7th and 8th floors in progress. Monolithic work completed.

Section 7 - monolithic works and brickwork are completely finished. The ventilation blocks have already been brought to the roof. Roofing work is still underway. Glazing is in progress at the 9th floor.

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